30-30 Gun Raffle Numbers – October 2020!

Hello fellow enthusiasts!  Below you will find the winning numbers for each day of October 2020!  We will try to post each days winner as it arrives.  Please be patient.


Thank you all for your continued support in the LPHC Gun raffles!

There are a few corrections to the gun list and I will explain.

As of today we are still waiting on 8 guns to come in. As you all may be aware of the gun shortage and Remington arms breakup. I thought Taurus arms would be easier to acquire but nothing is as it seemed in this turbulent times.

Item #22 is your choice of the 2 guns we were not sure which would be received so we ordered both Glock or Body guard 380

Item #24 is a rifle (not a pistol)

Item #29 is savage 308 we could not get any Rugers in

Thank you for your patience and understanding if you are one of the winners that may have to wait or discuss a comparable trade.

David Ebel
LPHC Raffle chair


October Gun Description Winning Ticket
1st Savage Hog Hunter 308 651
2nd Sig 365 9mm 1078
3rd Savage BTV 786
4th Ruger 5.7 Pistol 725
5th Ruger Talo 10/22 631
6th Taurus 357 Pistol 127
7th Muzzleloader 1200
8th Ruger Mark 4 .22 Pistol 1403
9th Henry Golden Boy .22 1106
10th Savage 110 270 Trophy 1297
11th Taurus .44 Magnum 1365
12th Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum 1313
13th Mossberg Combo 12 Gauge 733
14th S&W .38 Special 1267
15th Remington 870 12 Gauge 609
16th Savage 42 410/22 Mag O/U 350
17th S&W M&P 9mm 4
18th Savage 220 1484
19th AR-15 762
20th PSE Thrive Crossbow 158
21st Beretta 32 Tomcat Pistol 592
22nd Glock or Bodyguard .380 (See Note Above) 589
23rd Mossberg Turkey Combo 12 Gauge 1446
24th S&W 15-22 Rifle 857
25th S&W Shield 9, 40, or 45 923
26th Ruger American .22 LR 161
27th Rock Island 1911 512
28th PSE Thrive Crossbow 55
29th Savage 308 (See Note Above) 762
30th Sig Sauer 30-06 363
31st N/A N/A


Official Rules - 1500 tickets will be sold at $20.00 per ticket. All FFL Regulations Must Be Followed.  Each ticket sold will have 30 chances to win. Winners may choose a $300 cash option, instead of the gun. Winners may check the website for updates and a member of the LPHC will notify the winners directly. You do not need to be present during the drawings to win. A member of the Lone Pine Hunter's Club raffle committee will contact each winner with details on how to collect your prize.