Date Drawn Gun Description Winning Ticket
Oct 1st Henry Golden Boy 22 Mag. TBD
Oct 2nd Ruger AR 5.56 TBD
Oct 3rd Glock 40 10mm TBD
Oct 4th Mossberg Patriot 30-06 TBD
Oct 5th Savage 116 Trophy 308 TBD
Oct 6th Remington 870 20 ga. TBD
Oct 7th Ruger 10/22 Talo TBD
Oct 8th Mossberg 500 Turkey 12 ga. TBD
Oct 9th Savage Hog Hunter 308 TBD
Oct 10th S&W M&P 45 Caliber TBD
Oct 11th Savage Axis 30-06 / Scope TBD
Oct 12th S&W 15-22 AR TBD
Oct 13th Vorteck Strikefire Combo TBD
Oct 14th Savage 93 BSEV 17HMR Laminate TBD
Oct 15th Henry 45-70 All Weather TBD
Oct 16th DMPS Oracle TBD
Oct 17th Glock 19 TBD
Oct 18th Remington Seven 308 TBD
Oct 19th Savage Trophy 270 TBD
Oct 20th Mossberg 500 Combo 12 ga. TBD
Oct 21st Ruger 10/22 Take Down TBD
Oct 22nd Mossberg 500 Turkey 20 ga. TBD
Oct 23rd Marlin Lever 30-30 TBD
Oct 24th S&W M&P 9mm TBD
Oct 25th Savage 11 XP 308 TBD
Oct 26th S&W 15-22 AR 22LR TBD
Oct 27th Ruger American 17HMR Laminate TBD
Oct 28th Savage 93 BTVS 22 Mag TBD
Oct 29th Vortek Strikefire Black TBD
Oct 30th Mossberg Silver Reserve II Bombo 12/20 ga. TBD

Pete's Gun and Tackle Site

To Benefit the Defense Fund.  Only 1500 tickets will be sold. Drawings to be help Oct 1st through Oct 30th, 2019. Each ticket has 30 chances to win.  

Contact Dave E. for tickets (1-781-956-6507).

Winners must pick up their gun at Pete's Gun and Tackle Inc. in Hudson, NH.  All FFL Regulations Must Be Followed.  Winners may choose a cash option instead of the gun.

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