Executive Members

Lone Pine Hunter's Club is managed by a five person Executive Team, elected from the active membership, and a five person Board of Directors Team. Special committees also exist to plan and coordinate activities such as archery tournaments, annual fishing derby, winter carnival, etc.

The purpose of the Directors Team is to evaluate information, ideas, and possible solutions for important matters concerning the club. The Directors research legal, technical, common sense solutions, and bring forward recommendations for the membership to vote for approval or disapproval. The Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

These chairperson's work diligently to provide good information and direction for the benefit of the club and all of its members.

The 2018 Executive members are:

  • Sentinel - Dana Mandravelis
  • Recording secretary - Derek Spencer
  • President - Rocky Morelli
  • Treasurer - Tony Johnson
  • Financial Secretary - Larry Moore

The 2018 Board of Directors are:

  • Dave Ebel - Chairman of the Board
  • Paul Prunier
  • Dave Jennings
  • Phil Guilbeault
  • Open

For emergencies contact Hollis Police at (603) 465-7637

For non-emergencies, please email info@lonepinehuntersclub.com.
Responses may take up to 3 business days.


Rocky Morelli -  Work (603) 883-4402
Dave Ebel -         Work: 781-956-6507
Dave Jennings - Work: (603) 883-9203