Membership Applications

Membership renewals are due starting in December for any member who has not yet renewed for the 2023 season.  The membership dues are $225.00 if you have put in your 5 hours of required work hours, PLUS a $25 late fee for members who did not pay by the end of Jan (for a total of $250).  If you have not completed your work hours, the Renewal fee is $275 PLUS $25 late fee (for a total of $300).
Payment should be returned to: Lone Pine Hunter's Club, Attn: Paul LaFerriere, Treasurer, 185 Eastern Avenue Apt 304, Manchester, N.H. 03104.
Lone Pine Hunter's Club is still accepting applications for new members!
Steps to become a member:

  1. Print and fill out the appropriate membership application below.
  2. Obtain a Conceal Carry Pistol Permit from your local police department.  A copy of the permit must be presented to Lone Pine Hunter's club, or, if you do not have one, a State of NH Background Check at your cost, and must be original, not a copy.
  3. Obtain sponsorship from an existing Lone Pine Hunter's Club member.
  4. Attend a regularly scheduled membership meeting and bring the completed application with a signed sponsor.*
  5. Pay the annual dues and the application fee of $50.
  6. It takes 2 months to become a member.  The first month will be to submit your application, the second month your membership application will be voted on by the existing vested members.
  7. If accepted as a member, you will start out as a Non-Vested member will all the rights of a Vested Member except the privilege of voting.

The state of New Hampshire has changed the law for having to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. They no longer require you to have one. Lone Pine Hunters Club still requires a copy, for our records to be submitted together, with your application.  Junior Memberships are also available for members 5 years old to the day before their 18th birthday. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. The meetings start at 7:00pm.
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*   - If you don't have a sponsor, attend a regular and show up 1 hour early.  Meet our members and explain to them you are looking for a sponsor.  Someone is usually willing to sponsor a new member.

For a regular membership application, download either the editable Word document or the PDF.

 Download Membership App - MS Word

Download Membership App - PDF

For a Junior membership application, download either the editable Word document or the PDF.

Junior Membership App - MS Word

Junior Membership App - PDF

The below listed document is a list of the different types of Memberships and their club privilege's.
Membership Matrix 4-14-2021