30-30 Raffle held on 4/18/20

Dear LPHC Raffle winners congratulations!

You must make an appointment to pick up your gun. Only 10 people are allowed in the store at one time due to restrictions currently in place. 

To accommodate this I will be calling 5 winners a day until all guns are received. 

I will be calling each of you as Pete's Gun requested starting Tuesday April 21. Mike at Pete's does not know the winners yet so please don't call and ask. If you see your number wait for my call and then make an appointment with the shop.

There is a minimal processing fee for the background check payable to Pete's gun.

We had an issue with the first video feed but we did manage to get about 30 viewers!! 

Thank you all for the help in getting this raffle completed. We had to work as most of the regular options were not open. Thank you all for the effort and devotion to keeping our Club afloat!

David and Phil

LPHC BOD members and raffle committee

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  1. Thanks everyone who helped make this raffle a success

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