Lone Pine’s Next Phase of Expansion has Started!

It has been almost 13 years since Lone Pine has been able to shoot guns outdoors, for target practice.  This has been tough for a hunting club, that has been around for 105 years. The time has come to remedy this situation.  In order to make this happen, Lone Pine has decided to sell off a few acres of land so we can fund our new indoor shooting range.

Bryan Fox was a member for many years, who held many roles within the club. Bryan was also one of the key members who helped with the initial planning of this new indoor range. Bryan Fox passed away on February 26, 2016.  He is and will always be missed.  For these reasons, the new shooting range will be named the BRYAN FOX SHOOTING RANGE.

Road construction has started (by one of our club members, Dave Jennings) and will be finished in the spring of 2018.  Once the new road has been completed, the house lots which have been designated for sale-able lots, will be sold.

Daryl Flynn and Phil Guilbeault have picked up with Bryan and his team left off on the project of building the shooting range.  The new shooting range will be a four lane, one hundred yard, shooting range.  Construction of the new range will be commencing shortly after the road is finished.

Lone Pine welcomes men and woman who are interested in Sportsman type of activities.  We have over one hundred plus acres off wooded property with access to the Nashua river.  Our club has many trails carved in the woods for 3D archery shoots in the spring and summer time, these trails can also be used for nature walks, biking, and cross country skiing in the winter.  We have an outdoor archery target range with targets from ten yards to fifty yards.  We also have indoor archery and pellet shooting lanes.  Lone Pine has our own boat launch and docks which can be used to fish in the Nashua river.  Hunting is allowed on our property even though we are not allowed to target shoot pistols or rifles outdoors.

Club memberships are still available.  Come and join us today!

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  1. It is invigorating to see new activity at Lone Pine. It has been too long since this club has been able to be the club it once was, with the ability to target practice or sight in their guns. I am sure the club will have a long future ahead of themselves once this new gun range is built. Best Regards, Lorna
  2. Dave Ebel
    Just finished framing and roofing on the exit doghouses!
    • Larry Moore
      Thank you for all of your hard work!

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