Granite State Rod and Reel

Welcome to one of the biggest little shops in New England!  Joe Catalano opened Granite State Rod & Reel Repair Shop in 1967.  Joe has been a competitive bass angler for 40 years in additon to being a skilled salt water fisherman!

Joe SPECIALIZES in repairing REELS!  If you have a fresh or salt water reel that needs repairing-- the chances are--- Joe can fix it!  Reels can be shipped  to the shop--  repaired and shipped back, but ALWAYS CALL FIRST for details and a description of the reel and its issue.

Joe's shop has an amazing selection of competitively priced tackle.  He specializes in fresh water tackle, but also has a nice assortment of salt-water equipment.

Whether you're looking to outfit  a child,  buy a basic rod & reel, need the hottest lures, or even a high-end rod or reel Granite State has it!

Check them out at:   Granite State Rod and Reel