30-30 Gun Raffle Numbers – May 2023

Hello fellow enthusiasts!  It is time for the May Lone Pine Hunter's Club gun raffle.
If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, please reach out to one of the committee members.

ONLY 1500 tickets were sold!
The money will be to benefit the Defense Fund!
Winners must pick up guns at Pete's Gun and Tackle Inc., Hudson, NH 03051

All FFL Regulations Must Be Followed!
All prizes subject to availability at the time of drawing.

Please wait to be called before picking up your prize!

We will updating the numbers each week.  Again, please wait to be called before picking up your prize.

Thank you for your continued support in the LPHC Gun raffles!

David Ebel
LPHC Raffle chair


Pete's Gun and Tackle will be closed May 19 through Memorial Day.
I will be calling winners before their vacation.
Please wait until you're called to pick up your prize.
There will be a $10 transfer fee for the prizes that require it.


Draw Order Gun Description Ticket #
1st Glock 17 9mm 944
2nd Savage Axis II XP 6.5 396
3rd Mossberg 500 12ga. Combo 1180
4th Walter P-22 with Laser 790
5th Ruger A/R 1211
6th Barnett Cross Bow 447
7th Ruger Mark IV 1060
8th HK MPS 22 LR 1072
9th Tradition Fire Stick 50 Cal./Scope 1351
10th Glock 19 9mm 522
11th Taurs 357 1427
12th Savage 93 22 Mag 1359
13th Ammo Package $400.00 592
14th HR SB1 12Ga Deer Gun 1419
15th Henry Golden Boy 22 789
16th Ruger 308 American 1149
17th Rossi 22 LR 63
18th Springfield Armory Hell Cat 9mm 1246
19th Ruger 10/22 Takedown 343
20th Traditions Fire Stick 50 Cal 681
21st S/W MP10 10mm 1222
22nd Barrett Crossbow 1071
23rd 1911 Springfield Mil Spec 857
24th S/W A/R 729
25th KEL TEC KS-7 578
26th Mossberg 20 ga Combo 1249
27th Pete's $400 Gift Card 274
28th Savage 30-06 588
29th Taurs 38 63
30th KEL TEC PS50 (57-28) 13


Official Rules - 1500 tickets will be sold. All FFL Regulations Must Be Followed.  Each ticket sold will have 30 chances to win. Winners may choose a cash option, instead of the gun. Winners may check the website for updates and a member of the LPHC will notify the winners directly. You do not need to be present during the drawings to win. A member of the Lone Pine Hunter's Club raffle committee will contact each winner with details on how to collect your prize.