October 2021 30-30 Gun Raffle

Dear Lone Pine Membership!

The October raffle has been held and the winners will be notified by myself.  One winner a day from the 1st to the 30th.

Below you will find the daily numbers.

If your not aware we pick all winners on one day with the BOD and the people who have sold the majority of the tickets are invited to attend.

Winners are reminded that that there will be a $10.00 Transfer fee upon pickup.

I want to thank you all again as it looks like we have another successful raffle!!


NOTE:  All members please remember that if you discover or are having trouble with anything on the website, PLEASE contact Al Martin at almartin26@hotmail.  Please put LONE PINE in the subject header and I will try to address asap.

Additionally, those having issues seeing the new daily numbers, please clear your cache (phone or computer) and you should then be able to.


October 1st          0429
October 2nd          0818
October 3rd          0635
October 4th          1031
October 5th          1463
October 6th          0998
October 7th          0600
October 8th          0871
October 9th          0146
October 10th        1449
October 11th         0320
October 12th         0894
October 13th         1359
October 14th         1078
October 15th         1326
October 16th         1044
October 17th         0814
October 18th         1165
October 19th         1111
October 20th         1264
October 21st         0263
October 22nd       1444
October 23rd        0777
October 24th        1275
October 25th        0332
October 26th        1053
October 27th        0197
October 28th        0074
October 29th        1330
October 30th        0765