Gun Range – Action Target System Install Schedule

We need your help to complete the interior of the new Lone Pine Hunter's Club gun range. We know we are asking for help during the week but it is important to get as much help as we can.

There has been a change in plans for the scheduled install of the Action Target Systems. The equipment was supposed to be delivered and ready for install on Monday Nov 5th but unfortunately the delivery of the equipment has been delayed.
Some of you may have already received an email explaining this change.

Below is a list of tasks that will need to be accomplished during the install of the Target Retrieval system. We will need as many people as we can to get these done.

1. Assemble the back stop. This is a metal structure that will need to be set up first. It is critical that we get this done first so that we can Bill the residents. (Skilled/General Laborer(s))
2. Move Rubber. To do this we will need many hands. The bags of rubber are 2000 lb bags. We will need to shovel and put the rubber into the back stop after it is assembled. I am guessing day two or three. (General Laborer(s))
3. Hang uni-strut. This is a skilled task. It will require that we have hammer drills and someone that can measure on the concrete panels and snap a straight line.(Skilled Laborer(s)/Skilled Tradesman(s))
4. Install the Stall walls (Skilled/General Laborer(s), Skilled Tradesman(s))
5. Hang the track system. This will require bolting the track pieces together , possibly cutting them. (Skilled/General Laborer(s), Skilled Tradesman(s))
6. Hanging the sound panels on the walls. I am not sure on the method of hanging. Possibly glue, possibly screws.(Skilled/General Laborer(s), Skilled Tradesman(s))
7. Hang the lights. These need to be hung so that the electrician can tie them in. The sooner the better so that we can see.(Skilled Laborer(s), Skilled Tradesman(s))
8. Hang the ballistic deflector panels .(Skilled/General Laborer(s), Skilled Tradesman(s))
9. Install the deflectors by the doorways.(Skilled/General Laborer(s), Skilled Tradesman(s))
10. Hang the control systems. (Skilled/General Laborer(s), Skilled Tradesman(s))