Granite State Bowhunters 3D Archery Shoot

February 27, 2022 all-day
Lone Pine Hunter's Club Outdoor Archery Area
114 Rideout Rd
Hollis, NH 03049
Gary Girouard
Granite State Bowhunters 3-D Archery Shoot Feb 29, 2022

The Purpose of the Granite State Bowhunters is to:
• Promote bowhunting and safe and lawful use of the bow and arrow.
• Staunchly oppose with honor, all organizations, groups and individuals that represent anti-hunting, anti-archery and anti-firearms.
• Join in force with other organizations that share our basic interest to defend and insure the rights, protection and enjoyment of our sports.
• Alert and inform the public on matters that may be detrimental to legislation or common practice of the bowhunters.
• Educate the public with hunter safety programs and work in unison with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to better hunting conditions.
• Strive to upgrade the type of equipment used and raise the status and ethics of those engaged in the sport.
• Code of Ethics of the GSB
• A Granite State Bowhunter’s bow is above 40 pounds standard draw and his broadheads are sharp.
• A Granite State Bowhunter knows his equipment’s capabilities and limitations and does not shoot beyond the range of making a clean kill.
• A Granite State Bowhunter enjoys the challenge of hunting and stalking game on its own ground on near equal terms.
• A Granite State Bowhunter has more desire in the hunt than the actual kill.
• A Granite State Bowhunter is a true sportsman and conservationist. He obeys the rules of his sport and laws to perpetuate wildlife and will not knowingly hunt with anyone who violates
or flaunts them! He takes advantage of no one. He respects the landowner’s rights and the just aspiration of other hunters in his area. He is the cream of sportsmen, a different,
special breed.

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